Photoemission Spectroscopy

Implementation of photoemission spectroscopy as a tool to understand nanoscale: While working with SWCNT in photoemission (PES) and X-ray absorption (at synchrotron facilities), a fine structure in the C1s edge and in the valence band in PES separately discern the SWCNT metallic and semiconducting nature with unique characteristic patterns.  Such studies consider the technical constraints such as the surface sensitivity related to the inhomogeneity of the materials. However, they are only possible because the breakthrough in purification and sorting came to fruition. The specific PES/XAS bulk analysis had a major impact allowing to explore the detailed valence and conduction band of SWCNTs, which was not possible before. Considering that SWCNTs are extremely valuable as archetypical 1D solids, making use of PES, as bulk technique, allows resolving their electronic structure and metallicity, as well as confirming the Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid behavior in bulk metallic samples. There is a vast playground for the use of PES in tailored hybrids.