About us

Welcome to the THS homepage. The group Tailored Hybrid Structures (THS) works on the production and spectroscopy of filled and substitutionally doped carbon nanotubes. In a greater context, we expect to contribute to the physics of strongly correlated phenomena in materials. We also aim to advance fields that derive wider positive effects from nanoresearch such as biological systems and the environment.



Congratulations Dido for the poster award at Heteronanocarb 2023 in Benasque, Spain. She presented her work "AN OPTICAL ABSORPTION APPROACH TO...


The paper "Highly Efficient and Stable Self‐Powered Mixed Tin‐Lead Perovskite Photodetector Used in Remote Wearable Health Monitoring Technology" is...


"Unravelling the Complete Raman Response of Graphene Nanoribbons Discerning the Signature of Edge Passivation". Small Methods 6(2022)2200110.